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Inspection & Containment

Certifying Great Product For Your Customer

Third Party Containment Services

Nonconforming parts leaving your facility can negatively impact both your bottom line and customer relationships. Keep defective parts from reaching the end-user with third-party sorting and containment services from Quality Liaison Services.

Third Party Quality Sorting Services

For companies dedicated to delivering high-quality products to market, checking for and identifying nonconforming parts and assemblies is a critical aspect of the manufacturing process. Whether they’re from an external supplier or an internal process, third-party sorting and containment services ensure products that reach end-user are of the highest quality and safe for operation. 

By having an inspector unaffiliated with the supplier or their customer perform component sorting and containing services, both parties can rest assured knowing meticulous, nonbiased, and impartial checks take place. The result is boosted quality, which may strengthen the relationship between suppliers and their customers.

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The Third-Party Quality Control Experts

At QLS, we are a 3rd party sorting company who understands the challenges facing OEMs and their supply chain partners. That’s why we’re committed to providing the effective and trustworthy third-party sorting and containment services needed to overcome these obstacles.

We work by placing experienced quality personnel in OEM production facilities to monitor the quality of incoming supplied material, parts, and products. The OEM or the supplier may spur our involvement, but either way, we provide independent sorting and containment solutions proven to deliver results.

OEMs recommend QLS to suppliers that may benefit from monitoring, measuring, sorting, and repair support to achieve quality standards. On the other hand, suppliers may hire us to provide instant feedback when quality issues arise or supply trending information to improve manufacturing processes. The intent is to be instantly responsive when any potential concern arises. 

"QLS is the only company we trust to inspect all the parts we have coming in" - OEM Customer
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How We Work

When you partner with us for third-party containment and sorting, you get knowledgeable inspectors with precision measurement tools. We come with appropriate personal protective equipment and a courteous, professional demeanor. Furthermore, you receive: 

  • Instant Reporting with the QLS Dot project tracking system
  • Immediate Response Time
  • Heightened Attention to Detail
  • Fast, Precise Sorting
  • Nonconformances are Identified and Contained Effectively
  • Accurate Time and Part Counts
  • Defined Work Instructions
  • Boots-On-The-Ground Visibility 

Rapid Response Services

QLS knows a shipment of nonconforming components can derail your production schedule. With hubs throughout the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada, we can mobilize inspectors quickly. Any issues are quickly identified, enabling you to make necessary adjustments to your manufacturing schedule.

We submit feedback using cloud-based tracking software, enabling you to get a grasp on what’s happening on the ground as it happens. You’re able to securely access a personalized dashboard with centralized project information and real-time data, such as inspection results and possible rework or repair opportunities. 

Benefits Of Third-Party Sorting And Containment 

Some supply chain partners may respond negatively to hearing a third-party inspector will check products at the factory. Some may feel they’re being subjected to unfair scrutiny from an outsider. 

In reality, having extra eyes on the part or assembly is beneficial for all involved, from supplier to OEM and even the end-user as the final product reaches the marketplace. Here’s why our third party sorting services are effective:

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  • Improves Product Quality
  • Boosts Production Throughput
  • Reduces Warranty Claims
  • Lowers Complaints 

When a third-party inspector finds nonconforming parts, it helps the manufacturer identify the root cause and implement an action plan to resolve it. As a result, productivity increases while scrap rates decrease. 

Increase Productivity

OEM Services

QLS acts as a liaison between OEMs and their suppliers handling incoming quality concerns, installation modifications and other special projects.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Supplier Services

Suppliers depend on QLS to provide instant response, resolution and superior communication on a wide range of issues that occur inside both their and OEM customer's facilities.

Trusted 3rd Party Sorting Company

At QLS, we don’t have a job to do until you need components sorted and contained. Consequently, your challenges become ours, and your deadlines drive us. We’re proud to be the third-party sorting and containment company for clients in many industries.

Every process performed follows strict quality protocols. We’re available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to provide the necessary assistance. 

Contact us to get your project off to a good start. As the third party containment services leader, we’re happy to discuss your needs in greater detail.